Talking to myself

cleverness genius imagination imaginativeness ingenuity inspiration inventiveness originality resourcefulness talent vision imagination imaginativeness inventiveness fertility originality phantasy ideation fantasy resourcefulness invention ingenuity inspiration contrivance fecundity fancy brainstorming versatility brainstorm dream illusion visualization daydream delusion pipe dream fantasm figment mirage chimera hallucination phantasm mind’s eye envisaging

Pop art

      What is Pop Art? Why is this artist’s work considered Pop Art? Describe some of this artists work. Why did you pick this artist and why do you like his/her work?   art based on modern popular culture that is usually bright with colors and pops a lot. 2. Andy Warhol wasContinue reading Pop art

Studio Portrait Photos

admirable adorable aesthetic alluring amazing angelic appealing astonishing athletic attractive becoming beguiling bewitching blooming bonny breathtaking brilliant captivating celestial challenging charismatic charming chic classy confident curvy cute dainty dapper darling dashing dazzling debonair decorative delectable delicate delightful different divine doll dreamboat dreamlike dreamy dressy effulgent elaborate elegant enchanting engaging enticing excellent exceptional exquisite eye-catching fabulousContinue reading Studio Portrait Photos